Our kilts are all traditionally made and fully hand-sewn by our own kilt maker.

Why hand-sewn? A hand-sewn kilt means that, should it be neccessary, your kilt can be completely re-made to fit another size, allowing your kilt to become a family heirloom.

We source our tartan from the following mills:

Offering a choice of over 4,000 Clan, Scottish District and Irish County tartans as well as modern tartans and tweeds, we use a minimum of 8 yards of material in our kilts. This is the standard length of material required to make a traditional kilt to fit up to a 46" seat measurement. Having this amount of material in your kilt allows it to hang properly and gives the pleats that classic swing. Extra yards can be added for sizes above 46" (cost is determined by how many yards and which mill your tartan comes from)

Our kilts are finished with a double front apron fringe, two belt loops on the back and two waist buckles for adjustment. If you require a hip buckle, this will be added for you. There is no extra charge for adding a hip buckle.

Your kilt can be pleated to the sett or a line. To the sett is where the pattern runs continuously around the kilt over the pleats.
Pleating to a line, also known as military style, is where a prominent line is chosen from the tartan and each pleat is finished to show this line.
If you are unsure of which option to choose, our staff can assist you with this. Once the material is in-store, we can lay it out so you can see how your kilt would look like pleating it to a line. If you are ordering online and not local, we can email images to you to help you decide which option to go with.

If you'd like more information about buying made-to-measure kilts from us, please contact us.