Made-to-Measure Kilt

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What's included in your made-to-measure kilt package?

All our kilts are made to the following standard:

  • Kilt - 8 yard, hand-sewn (your choice of any non-private tartan, shown here with the Antique Scotland Forver tartan)
  • Minimum of 8 yards of tartan used - up to a seat size of 46”(117cm). Above this size we would use extra yards to ensure your kilt has the correct amount of pleats so it hangs as it should and has a good swing as you walk! (Upgrade £30 - £40 per yard depending on choice of tartan)
  • Hand-sewn in Scotland
  • Woven in either medium-weight (13oz per yard) or heavy-weight (16oz per yard) worsted wool
  • Available in-store from £399.00 (dependent on tartan chosen)

Who makes your kilts?

All our kilts are fully hand-sewn by our own kilt-makers in Scotland using at least 8 yards of tartan sourced from UK mills.

Where do you source your tartan?

All our kilts are made with tartan sourced from the following mills:

  • House of Edgar, Perth, Scotland.
  • Lochcarron of Scotland, Galashiels, Scotland.
  • Strathmore Woollen Mill, Forfar, Scotland.
  • Marton Mills, Otley, West Yorkshire, UK.

How do I get measured?

If you’re looking for a new made-to-measure kilt, we will take your measurements in-store. If you are unable to come to the store, then we have a self measure guide in the image gallery or here to help you take your own measurements.

What happens after I place my order?

If you purchase a kilt through our website, we will contact you after your order is placed to discuss any specific requirements you may have, for example, is your kilt to match an existing family members kilt? If so, we would check what the centre-front line is of the kilt so both match.

What about pleating?

This can be done to the sett (This is where the pattern of the tartan you see on the front apron is continued around the pleats) or pleated to a line (Often referred to as military style) Again, if you are unable to come in to the store, we will send images of how it will look pleated on a specific line. Box pleat kilts can only be pleated to a line.

What about buckles?

We make all our kilts with two waist buckles as standard. If you would prefer a hip buckle to be added, please let us know and this will be added at no extra cost. 

Is the price shown the price I'll pay?

If ordering through our website, you'll have to authorise this amount on your payment method but we won't take the full amount until the kilt is ready. We may take a deposit when you place your order. All prices shown on our kilts and bespoke outfits are the starting prices and are shown as a guide only. If additional yards are required or you have requested additional options, these will be charged separately from your order (if ordering through our website). We understand this may be quite confusing so are happy to provide full quotes based on your specific requirements, so please contact us to discuss your outfit.

How long will I have to wait to get my kilt?

Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery. This will be confirmed once you have placed your order.

How do I choose a tartan?

Browse tartans HERE and enter your chosen tartan name into the box below.